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EPAT: Extracorporeal Pulse Activated Treatment

Extracorporeal (meaning outside the body) pulse activated treatment is a form of ultrasound therapy indicated for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, degenerative tendonopathy, plantar fibromas, Morton's neuromas, hypertrophic scars, chronically stiff joints (hallux rigidus) and even non-unions of bone (fractures or surgeries which have not healed involving bone).


The treatment is one of a fixed amplitute and frequency of sound which, when applied to a tissue, stimulates angiogenesis (growth of new blood capillaries), desensitizes the area, and has been found to initiate new cell replication in animal models.


The treatment protocol varies from condition to condition, but may help improve the symptoms related to a condition so as to help avoid surgery. This is one modality my office utilizes to manage the symptoms while we identify and treat the cause of your problem.


This spicific modality is not yet covered by insurance though it is FDA approved for the aforementioned conditions. Feel free to contact our office to determine if this treatment may be an option for you.