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When summer rolls around, our feet are regularly on disply. Flip flops and sandals tend to dominate footwear during the months of June, July and August. As a result, we generally do a better job of taking care of our feet.

On the flipside, winter is often a time of year when feet are not top of mind as we cram our feet into boots and slippers. Because we hide our feet away during these months, we also tend to ignore foot care. That being said, please see a few of Dr. Wilusz's winter foot care tips to ensure your feet are happy and healthy.

1. Purchase a good pair of winter boots. Ideally these boots should be waterproof. It is also important to note the boots should have good grip and some room at the toes to allow for thicker socks.

2. Wash your feet and inspect them daily. Winter moisture, cold, and dryness increase the risk of a diabetes foot problem so regular insepctions can go a long way to preventing foot ulcers and amputations.

3. Keep your feet dry. Sloshing around in wet puddles can invite unwanted bacteria to gather in damp socks in and around the toes. Because of this, make sure to change your socks often as well as to gently dry your feet.

4. Moisturize your feet. Always keep feet dry, clean, and moisturized. Apply lotion to the top and bottom of feet, but not between the toes, which can increase the risk of foot fungus. Over-the-counter creams work fine, but those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy should use a diabetic foot cream that enhances circulation and promotes natural healing.